Welcome at DILLENBURG Konstruktion

Since about 20 years DILLENBURG Konstruktion is a dependable partner in designing of special machines and automatic production plants.

We support our customers in realisation of efficient production lines and furthermore optimization and expansion of existing equipment.

More and more new products will need individual production-methods. Creative ideas and strategies are essential for it. Use our know-how for a specific design, a problem-less machining, an initiation in time and finally a safe work in your plant.

We will assure you with a professional technical guidance, an innovative design and a completely documentation of your machines. This is our intent.

  • DILLENBURG Konstruktion
  • Im Industriespark 16
  • 55469 Simmern
  • Tel.: 06761 / 91616-0
  • Fax: 06761 / 916161-21
  • www.kb-dillenburg.de